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Hi, I'm Ola.

As a business strategist, I help the beginner, experienced, and bored entrepreneur transform their business into profit by teaching them how to create coaching programs that are aligned with their business goals. 

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Why not join the Pivot to Programs Community on Facebook, a group of friendly entrepreneurs who are all here to help each other succeed in building coaching program that prosper.

As a business strategist, I help coaches, consultants, mentors, & advisors package their expertise from a time for money exchange into a growth model that allows them to build a profitable business.

Here's how I can help you (and a little about me):

You have the urge (and the ambition) to do more than what you are doing at this moment. You are tired of working in circles without a strategy in place and need a step-by-step roadmap to get you the coins you desire (and need).

The CEO journey is not for the faint of heart. You are just looking for the game-plan that is specifically tailored to your business, that will get you from exchanging time for money to a growth model with a booked out calendar that you control.

You don't have to work alone...


As a business strategist, I'm ready to get to work to help you create 

the strategy and growth plan for the business you've always wanted.


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As a business owner, you should know... 

that making your dream business and lifestyle a reality involves a lot of hard work and a reliable team to help you get through the sticky parts. Together, we will create a results-oriented game plan to get you from wishing & waiting to booking and building.

With over 10 years of corporate and non-profit experience, I have helped clients build businesses that allow them to consistently book out their calendars, sell out of their inventory, and become masters of their time (because you deserve to LIVE the life you build).





How can we work together?

I'm glad you asked! I have two programs that you can choose from, based on where you are in your business:



Are you a beginner looking to start (or restart) your coaching business?

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Learn how to create, sell, and successfully manage your first small group coaching program

Ready to build your coaching program?

Learn the basics for your coaching framework even if you are:


---> Just Starting Out

---> Already Established

---> Just Plain BORED and looking for a change


More about my story...


My superpower is encouraging women to walk into their greatness. I am the soundboard that not only shows you the solution to your problem, I can personalize it to fit your exact needs. I am also a personal development nerd who is passionate about implementation.

So where does building coaching programs come in?

I have had the opportunity to work in Corporate America, working for a call center and went from phone agent to corporate trainer (within 11 months) and in the nonprofit sector as a project coordinator and trainer. During that time, I learned how not only build an effective coaching framework, but also how to teach/coach for engagement and results. Now, I'm taking what I've learned, tested, and proven to help others provide value to their audience.

What's it like to work with me?

My style has always been to give it to you straight (with compassion). I don't want to see you in the trenches without tools to help you through. 


The work must be done. I hold my clients to their commitment. It's not easy work but the results are sooooo worth it. Before I could help others, I had to do the work myself and it never stops.

 I have worked with so many beautiful ladies that have blossomed into powerful women. They are now authority figures in their industries, their intention is clear, they have boundaries that allow them to serve without overwhelm, and their businesses are consistently growing.

On A Personal Note...

I have had the pleasure to travel around the world and live in Japan and Germany as a military family. Being able to travel around the world taught me so many lessons about business, life, and the true pursuit of business. Now, as a wife to a disabled veteran, you can find me in Atlanta, Georgia with my husband, our son, and our 2 fur babies Brix & Alisha. By day, I work as a program coordinator and by night, I am an excited (and animated) business strategist.

 I am a life learner and sometimes I get addicted. Here's proof...

*Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration- Core Focus: Organizational Leadership

*Master's of Science in Management- Core Focus: Human Resource Management

*Master Certificate in Project Management

Get to know me more (aka My Quirks):


Change excites me

Reinvention is my middle name (and a life long hobby)

I am an INFJ/Advocate...(it's complicated)

I am the Undisputed QUEEN of GIFs (and a walking one because...facial expressions)

Target & Barnes & Noble are my Happy Places

Journals, Pens, & everything office supplies are my secondary love languages 

~ I look forward to helping you on your journey!