How it all started…

My superpower is perception. I am able to encourage women to move into their greatness (in an organized manner). I am a soundboard that can not only show you the solution to your problem, I can personalize it to fit your exact needs. I am also a personal/professional development “nerd” who is passionate about implementation.

I have had the opportunity to work for over 12 years in Corporate America, the nonprofit sector, and state government as a project coordinator, regional program manager, trainer, and digital content specialist. During this time, I have learned how to build an effective and profitable business framework as well as how to lean in on engagement and results. Now, I'm taking what I've learned, tested, and proven to help others provide value to their audience through strategy and productivity tools.

My Perspective on Failing…

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had more failures than successes. I spent HOURS (& plenty of money) planning and launching, based on the popular methods…and found out the hard way (FAILURE AFTER FAILURE) that principles work when you work the principle and UNIQUE BUSINESSES REQUIRE UNIQUE BLUEPRINTS & failure is a POSITIVE part of the journey to success.

I have had the pleasure to travel around the world and live in Japan and Germany. Being able to travel around the world taught me so many lessons about business, life, and the true pursuit of business. Now, as an enterprising wife and mom, you can find me in Atlanta, Georgia with my husband, our son, and our 2 fur babies Brix & Aleesha.

 When God tells us to get wisdom and understanding, I take that to heart. Here's proof...

*Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration- Core Focus: Organizational Leadership

*Master's of Science in Management

*Master Certificate in Project Management

*Book Worm Extraordinaire (all things business, productivity, personal development, marketing, management, and more)

*Lots of testing, failing, succeeding, and more.

From good to great…

My track record includes:

Launching services that have helped women see 4 & 5 figure income months

Built a beauty service that provided 4 figure monthly income while living overseas

Provided strategic planning and productivity consulting for executives and business owners

Successfully planned and executed multiple international programs for organizations, including my own family relocations…military lifestyle


My style has always been to give it to you straight (with compassion). I don't want to send you in the trenches without tools to help you through. 


The work must be done. I hold my clients to their commitment. It's not easy work but the results are so worth it. Before I could help others, I had to do the work myself and it never stops.

I have worked with many enterprising and powerful women. They are authority figures in their industries, their intention is clear, they have boundaries that allow them to serve without overwhelm and their businesses are consistently growing.