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Hi! I'm Ola

As a pivot strategist, I help freelancers package their expertise from a time for money exchange into a group coaching model.


After we work together, you will...

*Have a pivoting strategy plan that will help you align your business to your core goals.

* Feel more confident in monetizing your expertise on a larger scale

* Have boundaries that afford you the time and energy to spend with your family and build a profitable business


Take a look at two of my most recent clients below

The Bio




My superpower is encouraging women to walk into their greatness. I am the soundboard that not only shows you the solution to your problem, I can personalize it to fit your exact needs. I am also a personal development nerd who is passionate about implementation.

My style has always been to give it to you straight (with compassion). I don't want to see you in the trenches without tools to help you through. 


The work must be done. I hold my clients to their commitment. It's not easy work but the results are sooooo worth it. Before I could help others, I had to do the work and it was hard. I started and stopped many times but it remains a process. I have worked with so many beautiful ladies that have blossomed into powerful women. They are now authority figures in their industries, their intention is clear, they have boundaries that allows them to serve without overwhelm, and their businesses are consistently growing.

I live in Atlanta, Georgia (after living in Japan & Germany for a number of years #expatlifestyle) with my husband, our son, and our fur baby Brix.

In case you were wondering, I am a life learner and sometimes I get addicted. Here's proof...

*Bachelor's of Science in Organizational Leadership

*Master's of Science in Human Resource Management

*Master Certificate in Project Management

My Special Tendencies:

I am a known Jane of All Trades...but I prefer to stick to my zone of genius

Change excites me

Reinvention is my middle name (and a life long hobby)

I am an INFJ/Advocate...(it's complicated)

I am the Undisputed QUEEN of GIFs

Target & Barnes & Noble are my Happy Places

Journals, Pens, & everything office supplies are my secondary love languages 


Are we a good fit?