Why You Should Be Authentic Even When It's Hard

It can be hard sometimes, figuring out who we are versus whom people expect us to be. We all go through a season of roaming. We walk through the proverbial desert or wilderness, desperately looking for pieces of ourselves. Anxiety sets in. We get restless, and instead of practicing stillness- we take over.

Forget letting go and purposely losing control, we do things our way. We do this only to end up at the same spot. We do this dance repeatedly and its not until we get tired of circling the same roundabout that we realize that our way is not working.

We experience frustration and anger. We begin to claim sadness and depression. We seek medication. We seek counsel from others (hey girlfriend let me telllll you), and we refuse to accept the “Under Construction” sign that should be stamped on our forehead. We only trust our own logic and understanding. We let our blinders fall and begin to play the comparison game. Instagram and Snapchat have us locked up and in our feelings. We become cold. Our gratitude is lost.


All of this because we didn’t want to be still.



Sometimes, we need checkpoints. We need that humbling moment that lets us know that we don’t have it all together. The Christi Show (IG: @thechristishow) gave me a moment a couple of weeks ago through her loving character Shirleen. Shirleen gave a message about thieves and copycats:


“You can’t get blessed doing the Great Value version of a vision that God gave someone else.” – Shirleen (@thechristishow)


When we make the decision to be still, we allow blessings to come our way. We allow miracles to happen. Regardless if you are religious or not- blessings and miracles exist. When we choose to be still, we gain clarity. We know what is for us and what is not. Who is for us and who is not.

When we are still, our predestined path is highlighted in ways only we can perceive.

The battle is a long one, but as we practice our stillness, we begin to experience discernment. We begin to see our walk and our vision. We ignore others expectations. We begin to see that the lesson is greater than the reward (Thanks Kirk Franklin). We see that what we receive is much greater than what we planned for ourselves.

All of us have a walk that we must carry out. We might as well walk our own path instead of tripping and stumbling over every pothole and hurdle in someone else’s path.