#Checkpoint : If You Want Inner Peace, Do This First

I originally started writing this post as a way to talk about gratitude. I planned it out and even then it turned into this message. It's more of a reminder to me. I hope that you can Enjoy!

It is easy for us to whine and complain about what we don't have and what doesn't go our way. I am guilty of this on a daily basis. Sometimes you want everything to go as planned but that never happens. I continuously give God a chuckle every time I plan for something before consulting Him. But why is that? Why is life much easier- not to be confused with easy- when we follow the path directed for us rather than trudging through our own way? Why are we so stubborn and hard-headed? I know I am notorious for thinking 'I got this' or 'let me just do it so it will get done' when I know that God is just waiting. Watching me make a mess of everything so that I can go crying back to Him pleading for mercy, grace, forgiveness, and HELP. We often say Jesus take the wheel, but we never let go. 

I remember, a couple of years ago,  my pastor saying that the best way to live in God's will is to lose control. After that message I was hype. I shared my notes with my bestie and even had a Facebook chat with a couple of the ladies from my church. I just knew that I could lose control. Fast forward to the present, I'm still struggling with losing control. I haven't said a peep on the Facebook chat.  I will say that I am consciously making efforts to improve however, God knows I still have one hand on that wheel (while still asking Jesus to take it from me). When we learn to let go and really let God show out, it's an amazing sight. When we let go and consult God first that's when miracles happen.

What are you holding on to that you know you need to loosen your grip on? Comment below and share!