This is Why Your Mother Said "Mind Your Business"

I hear all too often from people of all age groups that they have haters and they don't care what other people think . . But who are we really fooling when we say things like this? We care! You are supposed to be somewhat concerned of what CERTAIN people think of you but not all. I care about what my mentor thinks, I care about what my husband thinks.

In today's age of social media where everybody post everything (and I mean everything) about everyone, we all post and 'like' for that instant gratification, that dopamine rush. It's hard to decipher who is begging for haters or for acceptance and who is lurking around to see how their ex is doing (don't laugh, you know it's true).

If I can say one thing, my advice would be mind your own business and you'll do fine. You may not be popular or main stream, but if you stay true to yourself you'll go further in life. To be honest, if you look at who you thought was the most popular or who was all that now, chances are you would rethink about your definition of 'all that'.

When I think about middle school and high school I was such an awkward child. I was a tomboy who enjoyed going to school for the academics and gym class--- I wasn't checking for the boys (I was too busy fighting them lol) and I stayed to myself. I hopped from public school to home school to private school back to public school. Between all of that I learned quick that when someone has a problem with you, it's THEIR PROBLEM, NOT YOURS.

As I grew older, I found that for some, immature antics never quit. It has only evolved to being "Petty". Instead of becoming women, some of us have resorted to remaining the 15 year olds upholding rumors and mischief that leave us  



It took me quite a few times to get that but I got it after going through a depressing phase in life (ahhh to be 14 again). I learned that most of the time when someone has a problem with me, I did nothing wrong. It could've been because of physical attributes, personality, or just because I was comfortable being different. In the end, when someone 'hates' on you or dislikes you it's because they see something in you that they want or think they don't have.


I haven't disliked someone in a very long time, but I am very observant to what actions people choose to take. A person's actions will tell you the type of person they are. From that I decide whether you will be kept at an arms length or if Ilet you in (and sometimes kick you out. Yes it is personal). I love to hang out with my girls, but they know I don't take much mess.


As an adult with a tiny human, I continue to monitor people's actions and delegate accordingly. I don't believe that anyone should stress about haters, the haters do enough stressing for all parties involved. I like to think that if I continue to handle my own business and correct my mistakes, I'll do just fine. Do this and you'll leave your hater questioning themselves, and more than likely they will become a fan.

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