Why Self Care Makes You A Better Person

Ever feel drained, unhappy, frustrated, and thoroughly unpleasant? Ever feel like you are being pulled in 20 different directions? Do you find yourself asking“Why am I taking care of everybody else but nobody is taking care of me?” or do you find yourself making excuses to tend to people, like your little one, instead of letting someone else take care of them? If any of the above describes you… have a seat, get some tea, wine, or a water bottle and let’s talk about why your “Me Time” is one of the most crucial things in your daily life.

As a former military wife, mom, and full-time graduate student, I have learned that organization is important, but what is most important is that I am in working order. Women are typically the thermostats of their household. If we are off balance, everyone will feel it and it they will reflect it. I have tested this notion multiple times. If I am in a bad mood or withdrawn, happy or excited, I can see it in my child’s behavior and my husband’s. It even creeps into my office!!! It is important that we make ourselves our first priority in order to attend to everyone else. We get burned out because we give our all naturally and at times, we find it hard to verbalize our needs to others.

Today, I want you to take an oath that just as you schedule your doctor appointments, your child's special school events, your spouse's needs, you will schedule YOUR self care first. Say it with me: "I, enter your name here, will make a massive effort to schedule weekly self care appointments for myself. This is necessary for me to be a better (wife, mother, sister, caregiver, etc.)." Great! Now put this in action. Schedule a mani/pedi, a hair appointment, Netflix and chill, run yourself a bubblebath complete with that book you've been trying to finish, a glass of wine, and your favorite playlist. The options are endless and it doesn't have to cost anything. What I am trying to say is as women; we deserve to put ourselves first. If you are not okay, you can’t expect your environment to be okay! Now get ready to start your course to a filled life designed by you.

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