The #1 Goal You Should Have This Year


We all have unique and special gifts. Some of us know what our gifts are and others have yet to discover them. Your gifts are not at a stretch of your imagination, it is something that you do exceptionally well without a second thought. Others compliment you on it consistently. …Do you see where I am going? Inside of your being lie gifts that are unique to YOU. No one else can perform these gifts like you can.

For example, there are tens of thousands of bloggers in the blogosphere. We may all write about similar topics, use similar photos or themes, but the things that sets us each apart is our gift of perception and our voice. They say nothing is new under the sun, and this is completely true. What makes your gifts work is the innovation you put behind it.

Ok Ola, That’s all good but HOW do I find my gifts? Of course I won’t leave you hanging. Here are some tips on how to find your gifts:

1. Look back to your childhood. What did you enjoy doing? What were your favorite activities? Revisit those.

2. What can you do exceptionally well with little effort? Maybe you are a good organizer, writer, dancer, researcher, (hello Googlers).

3. Think about what your friends and family members compliment you on. What do they seek your assistance or advice for?

4. Take some solo time to think about what you consider to be a gift

5. Take a few assessments online to find your strengths and gifts. Some sites include:



 6. Journal! As a youth, we can remember either writing in our diaries or making fun of our siblings for having a diary. I was a journal-holic. I enjoyed writing everything because if I didn’t have anyone to talk to or listen, I knew my journal was there and waiting. I encourage everyone to try to journal, everyday for at least 1 month. If it’s not for you- that’s fine- but you’d be surprised by what you will find. (Side note- As I write this particular tip, I am reminding myself to get back into journaling).

When you begin to search for your gifts and talents, they will find their way to you. Do not discount anything. Do not be a disservice to yourself by not appreciating what is unique to you. Remember there are people making a grip playing video games for a living…and that is a gift of hand and eye coordination.