What is Client Experience & Why is it Important?


You’ve got the clients but are they satisfied?


Client experience, in its most basic terms, is the interaction a client has with an organization and their impression of the interaction.

Client experience is an important factor because it is a singular element that can determine the sustainability and growth of a business. A client’s experience is your key to building brand loyalty, creating a solid relationship with your clients, and improving the effectiveness of your offer.

What your life could be like:

  1. No more wondering if your clients are getting the value you intended. Instead, you will have a strategy that will allow you to monitor their journey and quickly spot any breakdowns that need to be fixed.

  2. You will no longer need to be completely reactive and instead, …

  3. Stop spending hours on …

  4. Eliminate the need to…

If this sounds like what you’ve been looking for, then it’s about time you create and implement a client experience strategy.


The truth is…not having a defined client experience strategy means you have to guess what your clients need and want and face the consequences when you get it wrong.

The Client Experience Strategy Session is a done-with-you session created for the coach or consultant who is looking to increase their referral and retentions rates and their revenue.

There are 4 things you need to accomplish this:

✔ Industry data & Market Research
✔ A clear grasp on who your ideal client is
✔ A complete understanding of what your client's journey should be
✔ Your mission & vision


Here is a snapshot of what our time together will look like:

Together we will comb through your client’s current journey through your service and identify “hot spots” that need to be addressed in order to increase the quality and value of their experience.

This service is perfect for the coach or consultant looking to take their service to the next level. You have a consistent client base, however, you are finding it difficult to create loyalty with your clients. The answer to creating loyalty is creating a client experience that will have them coming back for more.

The Client Experience Strategy Session will help you up-level your service experience and create a strategy that will allow you to be proactive to your client’s needs and wants. In the end, you will bring them higher quality and an increase in engagement which enhances the value of your expertise.

What you can expect:

  • 2 consult calls

  • A complete overview / blueprint of your current service

  • Identification of what works and what doesn’t through customer journey mapping

  • Recommendations for tactics and strategies to implement

  • A blueprint of your new and improved service

The investment for the client experience strategy session is $849, which can be split into 2 payments*

*Doing so will raise the cost to $900

How do you know now is the right time to work with us?

  1. You have validated and sold your offer, but you want to improve the way you are delivering your promise.

  2. You are tired of clients ghosting on your program, bypassing your feedback requests, and receiving underwhelming reviews (remember, client success rates = $$$)

  3. You know that your offer has great value but your expertise is getting lost in translation

  4. All of the manual labor is burning you out and now you’re reconsidering offering your service



If you’re on the fence, ask yourself this:

What will NOT having a client experience strategy cost you?


A Client Experience Strategy Provides:

  1. Clarity from your client’s perspective

  2. A system that is customizable to your offer

  3. The confidence to move and serve fully and at your best

  4. The blueprint to help your business thrive in today’s marketplace

Without a Client Experience Strategy:

  1. You can expect to have underwhelmed clients

  2. Frustration will come easy when refreshing your services

  3. You will not fully understand the impact your brand provides for your target audience


About Your Consultant

My name is Ola Kimble. As a Client Experience Strategist and founder of Collective Vision Consulting, I help coaches and consultants increase their revenue, retention, and referral rates through implementing effective processes in their business that create the ultimate client engagement experience. I’m excited to bring over 12 years experience to help small business owners elevate and differentiate their services from those that are mass produced. I studied Organizational Development and Leadership for my Undergrad and Human Resource Management for Graduate studies. I also have a certification in Project Management.

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