Everybody has a blueprint.

Have you found yours?

You have this idea that you’re ready to turn into income but there are some things that just don't...click?

You’re not sure that your dream of being a legit business and working for yourself is even possible.

Let’s get real, you’re tired of FAILING!


Building your business and your life can be overwhelming- to say the least. You have all of the things to do but no idea where to start or how to move forward.

Focusing on what really matters can sometimes seem like a pipe dream and of course, you can never get enough of what you really need because you are being dragged in multiple directions.

It's complete chaos!

I get it and I've been there, but, I found my way out! (and here's how)

When I first started, I found all of the free stuff, including Google University. When that wasn’t working fast enough, I started investing my coins (thousands of them) into various books, programs, courses, and one-on-one coaching offers. Some worked, but most didn’t and I couldn’t figure out why.


Then it clicked…

Blueprints are what make buildings unique, so why wouldn’t it be the same for businesses?


So, I stopped the madness and started becoming strategic about how I operated my business. I ignored the trends and paid close attention to the BASICS. I identified my ideal client and the pain points of “MY IDEAL CLIENT”. I focused on getting clarity on how I could solve their problem in a way that made the most impact, FOR THEM.

Then, the results started happening!


I’ve created a framework that will help you doing the same.



“The [experience] was so informative and eye opening... everything we discussed made perfect sense and it just clicked!... Now that I have regained focus, I have been able to make more income now then ever before. Thank you for the push and the advice even when I was not trying to hear it. You stuck there and made sure you were truthful and I really appreciate that." 
- Charrel S.


“[This experience] was the perfect combination of gentle and empathetic, but pushed me to change my environment, circumstances, and get to working on me and my business. Exactly what I needed!”
- Alicia Y.

How Does it Work?

Me and you are going to roll up our sleeves and dive into your business, magic school bus style! We are going to work out your strategy, implementing an action plan, and doing this all like it’s my own.

This is actual execution, not conversation.

Ola has been a huge encouragement in my business. She always asks the tough questions and has a resource for everything service business based! A great friend who will keep you accountable.
- Marisa W.


...Ola, I do have you to thank for helping me get to this point. Without leveraging your idea ... I would have been long gone down the wrong path. That forced me to take a step back and reconsider all this stuff I was doing and had plans to do and in what order.
- Latoya Dixon Smith 

I Guarantee…

that we will get down and dirty with the ins and outs of your business. When we are done, you will have a clearer picture of what you need in order to get the results you’ve been searching for.

No generalized template, this is CUSTOMIZED for you and your specific needs.

Investing in this clarity call will be the turning point for you and your business.

Next Steps

Book a coffee chat to see if this clarity call is for you and your business.

*Please only book a session if you are serious about having a thriving coaching business and have the ability to financially take part in the program.