Pivot To Profit

You're tired of exchanging time for money and ready to transition from the 1-on-1 system. You want to become a master of your time instead of giving the power to your clients. You're ready to take your business to the next level and increase your income and impact while decreasing the amount of time you work for clients.


Does this sound like you?

Gone are the days where you feel trapped in your business, drained by your task list, and puzzled because you aren't ALL IN with your clients. Step into the days where your booked out for months, your income ceiling has virtually disappeared, and you have time to check out a matinee at the movies (if that's your thing).

You deserve to love the life you've built

What is pivot to profit?

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A 1-on-1 Coaching Intensive

Learn how to pivot your expertise from 1-on-1 coaching by getting the tools to create, sell, and manage your first small group coaching program.

In Pivot to Profit, you and I will work together to package your expertise in a way that allows you to scale your business and breakthrough the income ceiling that 1-on-1 coaching usually gives. 

During this 12 week program you will learn how to:


Structure Your Expertise

Throughout this course, we will discuss the ways you can package your expertise in an attractive way for your future online group coaching clients. 

In Pivot to Profit, I teach you:

*How to format your expertise and build your curriculum

*How to choose the best teaching/coaching styles that will allow you to gain real results

*Different bonuses an add-ons that make your course more engaging for the client


Build Your Profit Plan

Deciding on a revenue model is an important part of your overall business model.

In Pivot to Profit, I will teach you:

*The different revenue models available for use

*How to determine what revenue model works best for your small group coaching program

*How to price your course

*How to create a 12 month revenue plan 


Manage Your Group

Time is one of the most precious resources and because of that, it is important that you don't get caught up in working on your group program.

In Pivot to Profit, you will learn strategies to:

*Prioritize your time in your program

*Identifying time challenges and how to overcome them

*How to get up to 4 hours back from your day

*How to schedule your program for maximum results

*How to set goals for your group

*How to outwit procrastination


This course is valued at $2,294

Your Investment:




  • You're not open minded to consider other options in building your business
  • You already have an established small group coaching program that is bringing in consistent income
  • You are not a full owner of your business (i.e. MLM or Direct Sales based
  • You believe that there is not enough clients or money to go around
  • You are only focused on building your 1-on-1 coaching business 




  • You are ready to grow your business and break that income ceiling
  • You are able to commit to 12 weeks for the program
  • You are a full owner of your business
  • You believe that there is enough money and clients to make an impact
  • You believe that you are capable of taking the next step

What's included?

12 Weeks of full support

Six 60 minute Bi-weekly coaching calls (Valued at $1800)

Video Training Modules to help you every step of the way (Valued at $297)

Full email access to answer immediate questions and concerns

PDF Worksheets (Valued at $197)

Bonus Materials that you are able to unlock as you complete select modules

This course is valued at $2,294




Modules Include:


Module 1 : The Pivoting Mindset


Module 2: Pivoting Your Expertise


Module 3: Packaging Your Program


Module 4: Systemize Your Program


Module 5: Profit Plan


Module 6: Protecting Your Group Program