The Pivot Blueprint

Marry YOUR vision and date YOUR strategy

The pivot blueprint makes your business transition easier

than stopping at every free download to ask for directions.


Stop guesstimating how to find your sweet spot in your industry.

Stop feeling like the audience you currently serve is not impacted the way you expected or that you can't serve the people you want,

the way you want,

and the reason you want to.

if You're in the early stage of your business and you're ready to make a change to get the results you want- but you don't know how to keep what's working and leave the rest, I've got something just for you...

The Pivot Blueprint

is an eight week small group coaching program that helps the early stage fempreneur looking to pivot in her audience, positioning, and managing in her business by identifying who she wants to serve, why, and how she can best serve and solve their one problem.

Course components include:

Lifetime Access to a private, online portal

Welcome module to help you build a great foundation

1 introduction group call

2 Group recorded zoom calls 

Weekly accountability emails for progress check

Priority email access to ask questions throughout the course


After the program you will:

  • Be able to navigate and begin removing limiting beliefs that are holding you back from performing your best
  • Be clear on what you truly want out of your business
  • Have a clear grasp on your ideal customer and the problem you solve for them
  • Identify how you will serve in your business and align it with your "Why"
  • Learn how to handle changes with your existing customers and throughout your business
  • Have an implementation plan tailored to YOU, allowing you to strategically attract your clientele through your messaging and positioning


or choose a 2 month Split Pay of $199/month


Enrollment Ends__________________

I couldn’t see past yesterday before working with Ola. Now, I can see my vision clearly and I am making progress on my goal...It’s worth the investment because you get so much value out if how Ola is able to cater to your specific need.
— Alicia Yarrish of

During the program, you will learn:

How to identify your strengths and weaknesses and use them to uncover external opportunities and threats.

How to break down limiting mindsets and beliefs that occur when making the decision to change your business

How to get clear on what you want out of your business

How to identify your ideal client and how to best serve them

The essentials of building a business you love


or choose a 2 month Split Pay of $199/month


Enrollment Ends ___________________



  •   You are not ready to let go of the excuses that are holding you back

  •   You don't believe in yourself enough to invest in getting help

  •   You are already where you want to be and don't feel you need help



  • You are ready to get unstuck and move forward in your business
  •   You are confident in your ability to solve a specific problem but you need help in clarifying who can benefit from your solution
  •   Your tired of guessing what you should do and who you should serve to gain momentum in your business

Hey Lady Boss, I'm Ola and I'm Your Potential Cultivator!

I've helped some dynamic women make 4 figure master moves in their businesses by helping them:

*Get clarity and breakdown limiting beliefs

* Build business boundaries that allow them to build their best life

* Effectively communicate who they serve and how they can best serve them

My goal is to help female entrepreneurs transition their business into a lifestyle and get out of the mindset that you can't have it all. Termed by my clients, I am the perfect mix of southern sweet and tough love. When we work together, my mission is to help you succeed, without the excuses...PERIOD.



or choose a 2 month Split Pay of $199/month


Enrollment Ends:________________