There are four major questions that you must consider when creating a strategy for your service delivery:

Where is your client now?

Where do they want to go?

How are you going to get them there?

How will you let them know they have arrived?

Creating a service delivery plan can be intimidating. It’s easy to get paralyzed by analysis. Let’s get you ready for your clients by ensuring that your service:

  1. Sets priorities for your client

  2. Creates cohesion

  3. Simplifies decision-making

  4. Creates alignment to your business

  5. Clearly communicates your overall brand message

    Do you need help getting the clarity needed to create the most important piece of your business… your service or product?

After our time together you will…

  • Feel clarity on how you can align your service with your brand

  • Get crystal clear of the problem you solve and how you solve it

  • Identify the process you want to take your ideal client through

  • Know exactly the type of offers to sell that leverage your expertise and passion

  • Have an action plan specifically aligned with your purpose to help build legacies through your expertise

  • Be excited to breakthrough your fears and overwhelm, and put yourself out there so your dream clients can find you

I know that you…

  • Are tired of working through a fog struggling with what you don’t know

  • Scared of what’s on the other side of what you must do

  • Want to serve others with your expertise and your gifts but you don’t know how to deliver it with confidence

Let's work together to co-create a service aligned with your purpose that brings you the abundance you deserve!

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Hey! I’m Ola!

As a business strategist, I help highly-purposed women improve their service delivery so that they can help more clients, get greater results, and enjoy the abundance of having #smartstrategies and #smarterexecution.

I provide my clients with a safe and supportive space to unhinge what is not serving them and confidently declare what they truly want.

I love looking for ways to help other women- especially when I can see their power and imagine how many they can serve successfully.

When I’m not helping women take over their own world through their service delivery, you can find me behind a good book, playing Super Smash Brothers, or on a Netflix binge with my family.

I love serving women who are ready to commit to their transformation and are willing to let someone help them. If this is you, I look forward to cheering you on as you boldly execute your way to success!


Your Strategy Call Includes:

Pre-Session Questionnaire

After scheduling your session you'll complete a questionnaire to help me pinpoint your major areas of need. This will also allow you to clarify and verbalize how you need support so I can best serve you.

1.5 Hour Call

In this time we are diving deep into your business, your expertise, and the service you choose to provide. We will then create an action plan to help you deliver the service your dream clients have been looking for. Our call will take place through Zoom. You will be emailed the link to our meeting ahead of time.

To attend your session, you will need to log in through your Zoom link.  

*Note: You will need to download the Zoom software to your computer if you haven't used it before. It's free and totally amazing!  

Action Plan

After our session, I won’t leave you like a bad date! You will receive specific steps to support you in moving forward in creating the service experience your clients deserve.

Video Replay

Yes! The call will be recorded, yet, I highly suggest that you come prepared to take notes. You will get access to a video replay of our session to become intimate with the content we have covered. Your video replay will be hosted through GoogleDrive.


Let’s hop on a video call and talk about if this is right for you!

During this 30-minute consultation, we will talk about what you really want out of your business and how I can help you achieve what you envision. We will also see if we will be a good fit for each other and if I am the right person to serve you during your business transformation. (HELLO NEXT LEVEL!)

Ready to chat? Hit that button like you mean it!